This is the place of the smoking community. Created for you, for us, along with you. A place, where we are first category citizens at last. We offer products that we want, we need, which we like, to which we are convinced and those which we decided to try. We are still looking for new, better solutions, we are testing to choose the best. We are also open to all your suggestions.


The legendary Pax Vape


The Tobacco Preheating System in IQOS, heats real tobacco to a temperature much lower than the combustion temperature. It causes the formation of smoke containing nicotine ...

Tobacco shop

We offer a wide range of tobacco products, accessories, gadgets, supporting products and many more. What is most important, we strive to make the products you like always available, whenever you decide to visit us.


It's our energy, something we love, and are drinking non-stop. Swiss coffee machine, sophisticated mixtures and no price barrier. It's a best addition to the time spent at SmokeGod. You can also find an unique offer of packaged grains, for home consumption, perfect as a gift for coffee lover.

Vape room

The 21st century brought a trend to eliminate tarry substances. We hold on this idea because if you can do something better ... I do not eradicate, but I'm changeing my habit! VAPORIZATION - a large selection of equipment and a lot of knowledge that we will be happy to share.  Do you have any questions?


It is used by everyone from the SmokeGod team because in our opinion it’s best solution ever! You will fall in love after a few moments alone with it and you won’t want another one anymore. It's a universal 2 in 1 grinder (grinder + airtight odorless container) ...


This is a category for those who love freedom, like to follow their own patch and have their own opinion. See you there.